Mi TV 4A by Xiaomi, a full review with online price in India

Xiaomi as a brand is new yet has became one of the favorites in the Indian market. They are well known for their affordable products and also provide top class results. They have become a go to brand for smartphone in India and are competing with many famous brands. After excelling in smartphone they are eying for excelling in television market as well. They have launched some of the best budget television and are surely making its mark in the market.  After the successful launch of Mi TV 4 series, this year Xiaomi has launched another superb Smart television series, Mi TV 4A series.

A smart television has become a general requirement of every household in India. Everyone is looking for a good smart television to upgrade their viewing experience. However due to high price, it was hard to find a decent smart television. After Xiaomi enter the market, they used the same tactic that they have used while launching their smartphone. The main focus of the company was to provide the best product in the cheapest price possible. As a result they launched Mi TV 4A series, excelling in looks, performance and overall satisfying the need of every person who was looking for an affordable Smart television.

Note: Actual prices may vary when you visit the respective site through the link below, as it is subject to change due to various reasons.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A series Televisions

Mi TV 4A series are relatively new series in the market with the launch of 2 variants of television, 32 inches and 43-inch television with a little difference. They have also launched Mi TV 4A Pro series television with 49-inch display.

For someone looking for a budget television, these three variants by Xiaomi are the best television that they can get. These televisions are affordable at their respective category. They are well built and have an impressive performance. There are decent features and is loaded with contents. For someone who likes to binge watch television shows, or likes to see good quality movies or just want some fun time with their friends playing games like FIFA and Fortnite, this television is suitable for all these works.

Today We’ve discussed in-depth about these televisions and discussed in and out of each individual television. Go through with the detailed review and description with the online price of each individual MI TV 4A to find the best television as per your requirement.

Mi TV 4A by Xiaomi, a full review with the online price in India

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, 32 Inches LED Smart Television with Review

mi tv 4a, 32 inch led smart television review price

This 32 inch Mi tv 4a is a great budget television priced at around Rs.14,000 (Best TV under 15000). This 32 inch LED television from Xiaomi comes with great pictures and astounding sound. This television features HD ready LED display with the resolution of 1366×768 pixels for great picture quality. Furthermore, its 20-watt stereo speaker produces loud and clear sound for superb audio.

This Smart TV also comes with 1 GB of RAM and is powered by 64-bit quad-core processor. And it is loaded with multiple ports, Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity which makes it easy to connect difference device at once. Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4a also features Screen mirroring. This allows you to enjoy content from smart devices on a bigger screen in better audiovisuals.

You can also control your television easily with the help of an Android phone that is connected to the same Wi-Fi. It’s one remote one interface features makes it easy to control your Smart TV and Set-top Box for the seamless viewing experience.

This Mi led tv “32 inch” has fast performance and sleek design. The user interface is easy to understand and comes with an android based operating system. Loaded with Patchwall and apps like Hotstar, allows you to enjoy endless content online which makes it an ideal TV for Binge watching. Furthermore, Internet accessibility allows you to enjoy apps like Hotstar, Sony LIV and much more which makes it one of the best television at this price range. Excelling in Build quality, audiovisuals and overall performance, this Mi TV 4A is an excellent smart TV by Xiaomi at the affordable price range.

PROS & CONS Of Mi TV 4A (32 Inch)


  1. Great build quality
  2. Impressive audio Visuals
  3. Good amount of connectivity options
  4. Easy to Use Interface
  5. Value of Money


  1. Screen mirroring is slow
  2. No Bluetooth

Xiaomi Mi TV 4a Review (32 Inch)

The Mi TV 4A 32 inch smart LED Television was launched recently and already became one of the best contenders for best budget smart 32-inchTV category. Xiaomi (MI) being a well-known brand in the Smartphone market is certainly putting its best effort in providing outstanding digital products of a different genre.

Being a relatively newcomer in Indian television market, this company has certainly built a strong portfolio especially the budget segment. The greatest strength of this product lies in its performance more than that of its hardware. Easy to use and costume Patchwall OS mixed with the impressive amount of content provides makes it an ideal television to buy for every couch potato out there and even for a general person.

BUILD and Audiovisuals:-

The 32 inch LED Smart TV (Xiaomi Mi TV 4A) looks Sleek and trendy however requires caution while handling. One can argue that television is not something that requires handling on a daily basis, but when you do handle with care. The display of this television is insanely slim and a slight wobble can sometimes cause problems on the display. Cleaning this television or adding something to one of its many ports requires a gentle touch and no brute force whatsoever.

With more manageable dimensions and being light weighted, makes it easy to lift and carry the thing effortlessly. The body of the television is made out of plastic which makes it a lightweight in comparison to other smart televisions. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A has a slim bezel and design minimalistic. Aesthetically the Mi TV 4A (32 inch) looks really attractive and eye pleasing. Compact enough to fit in smaller areas and is a lot more accessible.

This television does not have any physical key on its body apart from ON and OFF button. All the function can be performed with the help of its remote. The speakers are placed at the bottom of the television and produce loud and clear sound quality to improve your experience.

The display of the television is really good considering its price range. This 32 inch smart TV comes with HD Ready LED display with 1366×768 pixels resolution. Furthermore, it boasts a latency of 6.5 ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz, and 178 degree viewing angles.

The picture quality is really impressive and the colour reproduction is excellent. The high refresh rate allows the TV to be paired up with all the latest gaming consoles. Games like FIFA, GTA V, Fortnite and other famous games will run flawlessly without any lagging issues.

The speakers come with surround sound feature and are capable of emulating a near theatre audio experience. With great audio and visuals, this television is ideal for gaming and binge-watching your favourite shows and movies especially during weekends.

Performance and Connectivity:-

Being a budget smart TV doesn’t mean that the company has compromised on the inherent software. This television comes with 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit processor backed by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage out of which only 5.2GB is available for users.

To get the perfect graphics, Xiaomi has used a Mali-T450 MP3 GPU that does work smoothly. On the connectivity front, this television boasts an impressive 3 HDMI and 2 USB port along with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Additional connectivity includes one AV component port, one S/PDIF audio port, one antenna port, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack port. The only fault in this device in terms of connectivity is its lack of Bluetooth.

Apart from the plethora of connectivity features and compact with a fast processor for its work, this television runs on an Android-based operating system. By no means, this is an Android television, however, software that it uses very closely resembles Android. Xiaomi is calling the software inside it as “PatchWall”.

PatchWall is based on deep learning AI system which constantly monitors and makes intelligent content recommendations. PatchWall comes with the ability to learn a user’s viewing habits and then accordingly suggests content based on their preferences. This makes it easy to access videos from your favourite genre without much hassle.

Xiaomi has a partnership with 12 content partner like Hotstar and Voot and mainly focuses on Indian shows and videos. Netflix and Amazon prime are missing in this smart television. The television was built keeping Indian customer in mind and thus is an excellent companion for Indian Household. With a  good internet connectivity, you can enjoy endless content online that is ready to view on the PatchWall OS.

Accessories and other features:-

Xiaomi, maintaining the minimalistic design accents also kept the remote very simple.
The Mi Remote comes with minimal buttons and also features voice command. This makes it easy to control your smart TV and Set Top box for a seamless TV viewing experience. It is also possible to control the Mi 4A LED TV with the help of Mi remote app from your smartphone. There is no need for any Set Top box remote as you can easily manage all your work with a single Mi Remote which further makes it easy to use.

The user-friendly interface further makes it much easy to use this device. This Mi TV 4a (Smart LED TV) also features screen mirroring. This allows you to enjoy content from smart devices directly to your television screen. This makes the viewing experience much fun and convenient. The MI TV is smart however is relatively basic in terms of usage. Though one can certainly observe that it lacks in features though provides enough for a regular user. Furthermore, the plethora of connectivity options and fast processing makes it an ideal television considering its price.

Price of Xiaomi Mi Tv 4A and It’s Availability:-

Unlike other Xiaomi product, Mi TV 4A does not compromise on hardware or software to provide cheap products. The 32-inch Xiaomi mi tv 4a price at around RS. 14,000 (It may vary time to time).  It was launched this year provides with excellent performance and has everything that a person wants from television.

This television can be purchased from Mi official sites and from many other E-commerce (Online) sites like Flipkart and Amazon. With decent performance and excellent looks, the good service of Xiaomi is cheery on top. The television is hardly out of stock despite its demand and is a great addition to every household.

Final Verdict:

This Mi LED TV 32 inch is a great television considering its price. Loaded with features this television is the best budget smart television. It has an impressive performance and is very easy to use. If you love watching great content and want a television that allows you to enjoy good amount of content at impressive audiovisuals at the affordable price range, this is the best television for you that you can buy online in India. Go through with MITV 4A review for in-depth information regarding this television.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, 43 Inches LED Smart Television with Review

43 inch mi tv 4a led smart television review and online price

This Mi LED TV is a 43-inch smart LED TV priced just a little extra than 20000. If you are looking for a slightly larger television under budget, this is the best one to buy. This television comes with Full HD LED display and excels in performance from its tinier version. This MI LED smart TV has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and 20-watt stereo speaker with surround sound. Powered by 64-bit quad-core processor, this smart LED television is also loaded with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

Furthermore, with fast refresh rate and plenty of connectivity features, this Mismattv 43 inch certainly packs a punch at this price range. Providing an immersive sound quality alongside glitch free crystal clear visuals, this television is certainly one of the best mid-range television for movie lovers. You can enjoy fast-paced movies and even enjoy the beauty of cinematography with great details with the help of this television.

Xiaomi Mi tv 4a 43 inch helps you connect to a wide range of devices and are well-built devices. It is slim and looks aesthetically pleasing. Runs on android based operating system this device has a user-friendly interface and performs well with fast processing speed. Mi TV 43 inch also features Patchwall. This feature allows you to enjoy the plethora of video content and also makes it easier to access various apps seamlessly.

Loaded with apps like Hotstart, Voot, Hungama, flickstree and much more this television is a dream come true for binge watchers. Furthermore, Screen mirroring allows you to watch pictures and videos from your smartphone on this TV’s big screen. Compact with impressive feature along with one remote one interface, this is certainly one of the best television that you can get at this price range.

PROS & CONS Of 43 Inch Mi TV 4A


  1. Excellent audio Visuals
  2. Great build quality
  3. Plethora of online content accessibility
  4. User friendly Interface
  5. Value of Money


  1. No Bluetooth
  2. No Google playstore

MI TV 4a (43 inch)review:-

Mi TV 4A 43 inch smart LED TV is another excellent television launched under 4A series television this year. Relatively cheaper than most of the 43 inches LED television in the market, this television, much like its smaller version is a great television in terms of performance and display. With a slightly better display and larger size by spending  Rs.7000 extra makes it an ideal competitor to its smaller version.

Other than that, this television has better processors. Other than that, this television is relatively similar in terms of feature, connectivity and performance.  Being a lower-priced mid-range television, it is certainly provided with good performance and great audiovisuals which makes this Mi TV 4A a great purchase, if you are considering buying a good television at the affordable price range.

Build and Audiovisuals:-

The Mi TV 4A 43 inch is relatively bigger in size and comes with a slightly better resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with Full HD display. The design of the product is very similar to its 32-inch version, just a bit bigger. The television looks slim and aesthetically pleasing. Considering its size, it is relatively light weighted.

This television comes with a narrow bezel which makes it screen look even bigger. The display panel is very slim and thus needs to be handled with care. A slight pressure can cause some issues on the screen. The Body is made up of plastic and thus provide a shiny texture, however, does lost its spark as it gets old and not maintained properly. Overall the aesthetics and design of the television are great.

This television boasts an impressive 20-watt stereo speaker with surround sound which generates good quality crystal clear sound quality. The television also surpasses its smaller version in a display as it has a full HD display with vivid picture quality.

The latency of 6.5 ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz, and 178-degree viewing angles, similar to Mi Tv 4A 32 inch. You can enjoy fast-paced action due to its fast refresh rate and also play some impressive games on this television without any lagging. The television supports modern gaming consoles and you can enjoy games like FIFA, GTA V and other games and enjoy its fast-paced gaming experience with great graphics.

Performance and Connectivity:-

This Mi TV 4A 43 inch smart LED TV from Xiaomi runs on an android based operating system and is powered by Amlogic 64-bit Quad-core processor alongside Mali-450 MP3 Graphic processors. Just like its smaller version, this television also backed by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage out of which only 5.2GB is available for users. There is not much difference in terms of performance.

On the other hand, connectivity option is also similar to the 32-inch version with extra USB ports. This television comes with 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports along with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. This television also features one AV component port, one S/PDIF audio port, one antenna port, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack port. There is no Bluetooth connectivity which is the only drawback of this television.

The television has a fast processing, thanks to its quad-core processor. The graphics of the television is also impressive. The iconic Mi’s Patchwall Artificial intelligence further adds up to its performance and makes it easy to avail good quality content. Patchwall keeps tab about the genre of videos that you watch and recommend you the shows specifically related to that genre.

This makes it easy to find the content online that you like. Ideally focused on the Indian market, the television mostly consists of the shows and videos ideal for Indian peoples. As a result, there is no Netflix or Amazon Prime available.

Xiaomi has a tie-up with 12 content providers like TVF, Voot, Hotstar and many more and thus there is always something new to watch online. The response time of the television is also impressive and you won’t face any issues if you use a high-speed internet connection.

Accessories and other features:-

The Mi TV 4A provides one remote one interface feature which is one of its kinds. Unlike a conventional TV, the Mi TV 4A comes with a sleek and easy to use remote. The remote consists of just 11 buttons and assists you in navigating through the interface without much hassle. Made up with a good quality plastic this remote can sustain the torture faced by every remote.

The Buttons have good response and easy to use. You can also download Mi Remote app on your smartphone and control all the functions of the television as per your convenience. Furthermore, you can also control your Set Top box with the help of this remote which makes it convenient to use as there is no need for 2 remote.

The user interface of the television is also good and easy to use. This television surely lacks behind in the features section. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A comes with screen mirroring feature. This feature makes it easy to enjoy the content from your smart devices directly to your television screen. This makes it easy and convenient to watch great content on your television without much hassle.

One of the features that makes it an excellent television is PatchWall. Navigating through the Patchwall is easy but searching for specific content can cause some trouble. The remote does not support voice commands and it does not have any way of entering alphabets. With Patchwall, exploration is always better than searching. The Patchwall UI learns your content consuming content and brings up relevant content suited for you.

Price and Availability:-

Xiaomi Mi tv 4a price around Rs. 20000 is a budget smart LED Television but certainly performs great. Available on Xiaomi official website and other e-commerce (Online) sites, this television is hardly out of stock and can be easily purchased.

The service of Mi is also good and there is no issue regarding installation. It is a relatively easy process. Being a budget television (TV), it certainly provides the best user experience. If the content is at the centre of your universe, then Mi TV 4A has to be there at the centre of your living room.

Final Verdict:-

If you want to spend less money and want maximum features benefit then without any doubt go for this Mi led tv 43 inch. With the great build and excelling in performance, this television provides more than its costs. Certain apps can be installed via USB so there is not much demerits of this television. Loaded with decent features and accessibility to impressive contents make it a great purchase at this price range.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Pro LED Smart Television With Review

mi tv 4a pro led smart television review

Launched recently, Mi LED Smart TV 4A pro (49 Inch) is an excellent mid-range television. Priced around Rs. 30000, this 49-inch smart television comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

With its ultra bright LED display and powerful 20-watt stereo speaker, this television provides great live like audiovisual. It also features 2 USB ports alongside 3 HDMI port and inbuilt Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. You can connect your X-box, PlayStation, Camera and other devices and use them easily thanks to its multiple connectivity options.

Furthermore, this smart LED TV (Xiaomi Mi Tv 4a Pro 49″) is loaded with 2 GB of Ram and has 8 GB of storage space. Powered by 64-bit quad-core processor and Mali-450 MP3 GPU, this television runs on Patchwall Android bases operating system. These features make it working smooth and user-friendly. Easy to use this device is a great addition to a mid-range 49 inch LED televisions.

Just like its other counterparts, this television also excels in design and performance. Loaded with impressive features and fast performance makes it an ideal purchase considering its price range. This Mi Smart LED TV comes with Patchwall and a smart remote with voice command. Screen mirroring, accessibility to plethora of online content and fast performance are some of its traits that make it an idea smart television for every household.

PROS & CONS Of Mi TV 4A Pro (49 Inch)


  1. Excellent audiovisuals
  2. Good build quality
  3. Easy to use features
  4. Fast processing
  5. Value of money


  1. No Bluetooth
  2. No Google Playstore

Xiaomi MI TV 4a  PRO (49″) Review:-

With the recent launched of Mi TV 4A pro, Xiaomi has made it clear that after dominating the smartphone market in India, they are eyeing to do the same in the Smart televisions market. This 49 inch LED television offers great audio visuals as well as performance. Furthermore, this television is certainly a pro when it comes to its features.

This television surpasses its counterpart in every aspect. The display is impressive and audio quality is superior. The processor, RAM, Storage and other in built hardware are upgraded for a much better performance. With a little price difference from Mi TV 4A (43 inches), this television is almost similar in terms of display and audio quality.

This television however is quicker in response and performance and also comes with voice command remote. If you are going for a big screen television at the affordable price range, this is a perfect television that you can buy right now.

Build and Audiovisuals:-

This budget friendly 49 inch Mi LED 4A Pro television has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It also has HDR 10 support, a native refresh rate of 60Hz and 178-degree wide-angle viewing.  The television also features two 10 watt stereo speakers with surround sound.

With its big screen with crystal clear picture quality and crystal clear audio, this television certainly provides its user with theater like experience.  The television looks very slim and has a very narrow bezel. This makes the screen look even larger and also enhances the look of the display panel. This television comes with Ultra bright Full HD LED display which generates vivid picture quality. You can also enjoy great audio visuals whether you are playing games or watching your favorite shows.

The high refresh rate allows the TV to be paired up with all the latest gaming consoles. This makes it very easy to connect your consoles and play games like FIFA, GTA V, MORTAL COMBAT and many more fast paced games without any lag.

Just like its previous versions, this television body is also made up of plastic however looks relatively good and well built. Being compact with LED-backlit displays, it does not show fine details like shadows and nighttime scenes really well. But apart from this flaw, there is nothing wrong with this device once you get familiar with its setting. One problem that comes with it is it’s slim display which is very fragile and a slight pressure can cause damage to its display. IF you can handle the product with care, this television will not disappoint you in performance and also enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

Performance and Connectivity:-

This Mi TV 4A Pro excels in performance but falls short in connectivity option. The television has only 2 USB ports as compared to 3 USB ports of Mi TV 4A 43 inches. Other than that, Mi TV 4A pro features 3HDMI ports, in-built Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

The three HDMI ports is enough for connecting a cable or satellite box, a game console, and a Blu-ray player. There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack, however, a standard Bluetooth-enabled headphone can be used with this device. The television certainly excels in performance.

This Mi TV 4A comes with Amlogic Cortex A53 64-bit quad-core processor and Mali-450 MP3 GPU. The processing speed of the television is superb with the response time of just6.5ms.

Graphics of the videos and games are eye pleasing to watch especially if you like to play High end games on PC. It is a treat to watch action packed games as there is no lag whatsoever. This Smart TV runs on the android based operating system and thus has a user friendly interface.

This android television as per other Mi TV 4A, comes with PatchWall user interface. It is easy to use and there is no learning curve, which is always a good thing. Patchwall offers a wide selection of content however there is no Netflix and Amazon prime videos. Mainly focused for Indian customers, this television has tie up with many online content providers like Eros Now, Sony Liv, HotStar, Hungama and many more.

One thing that makes it superior than its counterpart is its Google’s Android TV platform . With a built-in Google Assistant support, you can search and access content from movies, TV shows to thousands of apps, with just voice commands. This makes this Mi TV 4A pro a better product than the previous Mi TV 4A series.

Accessories and other features:-

Mi LED TV 4A Pro 49 comes with a remote control and works perfectly fine. It comes with a built-in microphone and voice button which allows you to enjoy Google assistant support. It is small and feels chunkier to hold. The response of the buttons is fast.  It comes with one home button that directly takes you to Xiaomi PatchWall Interface; another button that takes you to Google’s pure android TV interfaces.

There is now a voice search button as well. The body of the remote is made up from good quality plastic and can sustain daily tortures. The Voice command makes it easier to search online content much easier.

This smart Television also supports screen mirroring. You can connect your smart devices to this Mi TV 4A pro for great audio visuals. You can enjoy your favorite content directly on a big screen from your smart television. This will enhance your TV viewing experience making it much more enjoyable and fun. Despite of its great performance, there is no unique features that come along with this television other than Voice command and Patchwall. If you are someone who wants a big screen television at an affordable price range this is the one for you. The television has a plethora of content to look at and its Patchwall AI makes it much easier to navigate and find the content from the genre you love without any hassle.

Price and Availability:-

This Xiaomi mi TV 4a PRO price around Rs. 32000 and is currently available only on Amazon and Xiaomi official website. There are other smart TVs available in the market with top-of-the-line features and specifications, but they cost a lot. If you are looking for an affordable smart TV around Rs 30,000, the Mi TV 4A Pro 49 fits the bill perfectly.

The overall performance of the television is top notch considering its price. Xiaomi being solely focused on India market with this product provides superb services. Furthermore, it is easy to install and looks sleek and trendy wherever you place it. If you are looking for a television with great graphics, a value for money and impressive performance Mi TV 4A PRO 49 is the best television for you.

Final Verdict:-

Mi Smart TV 4A pro is a great 49 inch smart TV at a very affordable price range. The performance of the product is good. Furthermore, it is loaded with plenty of good features and also boast a good amount of Ram and fast processing. This television also allows you to access the plethora of online content. All these traits make it one of the best television that you can buy without any worries.


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